How To

Follow these steps to apply your lovely new temporary tattoo   ✀

  1. Clean and dry skin. Your skin should be dry and free of lotions and makeup. Wash your skin with soap and water or wipe skin with rubbing alcohol. This step helps in the longer wear of your tattoo.
  2. Cut along the tattoo design.
  3. Remove the clear top sheet.
  4. Place the tattoo design-side facing down onto your skin.
  5. Place a wet paper towel on top of the tattoo and press for 20 seconds. Gently slide the paper off.
  6. Gently pat down on the tattoo with the wet paper towel for best results.


Let the newly applied tattoo settle onto your skin for a couple of minutes. Try not to stretch your skin or have it rub against tight fitting clothing during this time. After a couple of minutes, you’re good to go.

There will be a little sheen to your temporary tattoo when you first apply it. This sheen fades away within a couple of hours leaving you with a realistic looking tattoo.

Temporary tattoos are waterproof so they’ll stay on in the shower and in the pool.


Follow these steps to make your temporary tattoo last longer


Avoid placing your tattoo on parts of your skin where there is a lot of joint movement (such as inside elbow) or an area that gets a lot of friction from belts or backpack straps. Avoid placing your tattoo on a hairy part of your skin. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing your tattoo, pat it dry when it gets wet after a shower. If you can, avoid taking hots showers. It’s good for your skin. It’s good for your temporary tattoo.

Applying the tattoo on the chest, forearm, bicep, thigh and calf has gotten us the longest wear.

Removing your temporary tattoo


Your temporary tattoo is easily removed with any type of oil or rubbing alcohol. The quickest is to use rubbing alcohol.


Have fun getting dressed up in tats!






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