Temporary Hallowe’en Face Tattoos? Boo!

This month I’ve heard from a lot of you about Hallowe’en costumes featuring makeup and temporary tattoos. Seems that in many cases those spooky tattoos have “designs” on your face!

Well, here goes: Forget it, folks. No way, just don’t.

Don’t get me wrong. Hallowe’en makeup can be fun. It can also be intimidating. And, sure, a face temporary tattoo can be a quick and easy solution. But remember, this is your FACE we’re talking about. You really wanna mess with your face?

Putting on a face tattoo is a lot like having a hangover — plenty of fun at the time, a different story altogether in the morning after. Think about it. A good temporary tattoo will last up to a week, sometimes even longer, yet you’ll only want be wearing your Hallowe’en tattoo for just that one night. You’ll want to remove it the next morning or even the same night. Trouble is,  that the skin on your face is highly delicate and removing the temporary tattoo will require some serious scrubbing with a washcloth. You’ll need to use more pressure to remove the tattoo than you would normally use to remove your regular makeup. This will irritate your skin. You also have to consider that you won’t be using rubbing alcohol to help remove the temporary tattoo. Rubbing alcohol speeds up the task of removing temporary tattoos. Like a hangover, you’re left with the damage once the party’ is over.

I realize it may come as a surprise to hear your friends at Inktion counsel AGAINST wearing temporary tattoos. After all, tattoos are us. But in this instance our advice is, skip it. Instead, go old school. Like when you were a little kid, only better.

Instead of using a temporary tattoo as your Halloween face mask why not consider going the old- school route? Grab your makeup bag and call on your creative side. You most likely already have all the supplies you’ll need for an awesome mask. There are countless amazing tutorials on Halloween makeup. For some inspiration and step- by- step instructions watch this video for a simple tutorial and this one for a moderate level challenge.

We’d love to see what you end up ‘making-up’ for your Hallowe’en night. Show us your creature creations on Instagram, Twitter, or by email.

At Inktion, we care about your social life, but we care about your skin health more.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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